Silverlight 4 – 070-506 Exam… Passed!

Today I passed the first-ever Silverlight-specific Microsoft Certification to be released! The exam is # 070-506. It checks on your skills with :

  1. Data-Binding, INotifyPropertyChanged, and ObservableCollection stuff.
  2. VisualStateManager, Control-Style Templates, Resource Dictionaries, and XAML Layout
  3. HtmlPage API, Application Init Params, Custom Load Screens, and Javascript interop
  4. Printing, Text Globalization, Cross-Domain Service access, and WCF experience.

All-in-all, a pretty comprehensive exam. It’s only 50 questions and they give you 2 andĀ  1/2 hours to take it. I found that watching the “Pluralsight” videos on Silverlight 4 helped me prepare for it pretty well. Reminded me about some of the basic stuff I knew, but had forgotten about using regularly. (Like INotifyPropertyChanged… I don’t use it because EF RIA Services and WCF Data Services implements that garbage for you, out-of-the-box.)

If any of you want help or need recommendations on what to focus on and you are interested in taking the exam, email me and let me know… or just leave a comment here!

2 Responses to Silverlight 4 – 070-506 Exam… Passed!

  1. bryan says:

    Wow!! you are so cool!

    could you give me any tips or some brain dumps about this exam? if you have, please send me email..

  2. iminfense says:

    Hello! Just want to say thank you for this interesting article! =) Peace, Joy.

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