IPMA Security Training 2011

Today, I delivered a basic 3-hour session on areas to focus on when hardening security in WA State Agencies. I mainly focused the first half of the presentation on common best-practice methods like clear lines of communication between Project Managers and Network, Security, and Database Administrators as well as practicing good coding practices such as peer-programming, code-reviews, and the like. I finished off the first 2 hours be demonstrating the use of Fiddler2 and how it could be used to probe, and then attack an ASP.NET MVC application.

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GeneratedWCFClientCode and RIA Services Toolkit changes Silverlight project behavior!

The impact is that “RIA Services Toolkit” modifies your Silverlight Project file such that any linked Web projects will be scanned for “Silverlight enabled WCF Services”. Once any WCF services are found, VS2010 will automatically generate a GeneratedWCFClientCode hidden folder and drop the service proxy class in it at compile time! (Similar to how it generates the Generated_Code folder for RIA Services proxy classes.) It also automatically appends or overwrites the appropriate settings in the ServiceReferences.ClientConfig file typically associated with WCF references from Silverlight.

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Our Capabilities Include:

Custom Software Development
Enterprise Architecture
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Performance Testing


These methods are vital to our work:

Agile Methodology
Test-Driven Development


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CodeSmart has been locally owned and operated in the Olympia, WA area since 2002. We direct, design, develop and deliver full end-to-end information systems using leading edge Microsoft .Net technologies and recommended best practices.