HTML 5 Presentation for IPMA 2011 Forum

HTML 5 is new set of features that are being recommended by the W3C and several other “standards” governing bodies. I.T. companies that develop browsers for every-day use are taking notice and working overtime to implement most of these new features. The content attached to this article explains with a set of PowerPoint 2010 slides and demo source-code… how to leverage and plan for the new HTML 5 standard.

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Problems with WAMP and Windows IIS 7.0+ settings

When attempting to install and configure Apache to run on your Windows 2008 server in order to leverage MySQL and PHP based web-frameworks… you may realize that your normal Windows Integrated Security websites are no-longer running and actually prevent you from accessing them. (This occurs only if you’re using the standard port 80 to access your website.) This is because the WAMP install package and other similar packages that configure Apache to run on a Windows Server, typically modify the “hosts” file burried in your Windows directory.

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ASP.NET MVC 3 Security Re-Visited

While presenting at the IPMA, I demonstrated to the 150+ person audience how easy it is to hijack another user’s credentials within an ASP.NET MVC 3 application that hasn’t been vetted for coding-practices. In this article, I will show a video of me re-demonstrating that attack, exactly how to fix it, and post the source-code [...]

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SQL Injection Solution using Table-Value-Parameters

Alright, after a long… ok, really long… wait I have finally gotten around to posting the content folks were asking for from the recent IPMA security presentation. The source-code and walk-thrus are below. First up is the SQL-Server injection problem. There are many ways that a hacker can exploit vulnerabilities, and SQL Server injection is [...]

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