HTML 5 Presentation for IPMA 2011 Forum

All of the IPMA 2011 HTML-5 content I presented is included in the ZIP file available for download… here.

HTML 5 is new set of features that are being recommended by the W3C and several other “standards” governing bodies. I.T. companies that develop browsers for every-day use are taking notice and working overtime to implement most of these new features. The content attached to this article explains with a set of PowerPoint 2010 slides and demo source-code… how to leverage and plan for the new HTML 5 standard.

The ZIP file includes a matrix on “HTML5 Browser Compatibility”. All you have to do to check it out is click on the “Default.html” file under the “HTML5 Browser Compatibility” directory.

Also included is some source-code for a simple “Life-Balance” wheel that is programmatically created using Javascript and the new CANVAS element. I included some tricks for showing how to make the canvas element available to older versions of Internet Explorer. (IE7 & IE8) It is located under “Canvas Demo\Wheel Demo”.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need help understanding any of the sample files and content.

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