Making a simple HTML doc (for beginners)

I met a smart young guy at the Tacoma Community College the other day who asked me about making web-pages.

I gave him a quick run-down of how it works, but he wasn’t sure he understood. This post should help him out.
Here’s a link to a public you-tube video I made for you.

Oh, and here’s another link to a youTube video explaining how to style your text on the webpage and add a title to it.

This video explains how to create a Hyper-Link between 2 different HTML documents. 2 different HTML documents may actually constitute a “web-site”! So, all we need next are images to make the page look more interesting, and a place to host it all. (HyperLink video below…)

Here’s how you can create a simple graphic in Microsoft Paint, save it as a JPG file, and display it in your web-page. This video also explains how to create a 2-column page and vertically align the text to the top of the column.

Here’s how to setup your own “free” HTML web server on a Windows XP machine.

Here’s how to setup your own “free” HTML web server on a Windows Vista/7/8 machine.

** Note ** if you need any more help, just email me.


Chad W. Stoker

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