Utilizing JSON Endpoints in WCF Domain Services

These videos (3 in total) will explain how it is done. They will be using a relatively simple T4-template that I’ve implemented specifically for the .NET 4.0 version of Entity Framework. The T4-Template is written to support basic CRUD operations against a single collection of table-related classes. The T4-Template doesn’t do much in the way of supporting the necessary operations to track related entities in JSON that come back from the WCF Domain Service query.

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Leveraging OData end-points in JSON format with JQuery

I’ve been looking for a good way to leverage the Entity-Framework model that I already have in-place so I don’t have to dream up an entire new way of piping my .NET data over to Javascript. It turns out that using WCF Data Services works awesome! (I haven’t tried using EF RIA Services yet, but I bet it will work awesome too.) Using JQuery and .NET’s OData endpoints is fun!

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