Debugging Django Views with Aptana

Debugging and troubleshooting Django can be a challenge. However, Aptana makes it easy and painless if you know what you’re doing.

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Entity Framework 4, WPF, and PropertyChanged event solution w/ T4-templating

While working on a relatively large WPF 4.0 project, I ran into a relatively common problem. The Entity-Framework doesn’t expose the “Property-Changed” event in all of the right places. Additionally, when I needed an “ObservableCollection” for updating a data-grid or list control of some type… I wasn’t provided with one out-of-the-box. So enter T4-templates. What [...]

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Problems with WAMP and Windows IIS 7.0+ settings

When attempting to install and configure Apache to run on your Windows 2008 server in order to leverage MySQL and PHP based web-frameworks… you may realize that your normal Windows Integrated Security websites are no-longer running and actually prevent you from accessing them. (This occurs only if you’re using the standard port 80 to access your website.) This is because the WAMP install package and other similar packages that configure Apache to run on a Windows Server, typically modify the “hosts” file burried in your Windows directory.

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GeneratedWCFClientCode and RIA Services Toolkit changes Silverlight project behavior!

The impact is that “RIA Services Toolkit” modifies your Silverlight Project file such that any linked Web projects will be scanned for “Silverlight enabled WCF Services”. Once any WCF services are found, VS2010 will automatically generate a GeneratedWCFClientCode hidden folder and drop the service proxy class in it at compile time! (Similar to how it generates the Generated_Code folder for RIA Services proxy classes.) It also automatically appends or overwrites the appropriate settings in the ServiceReferences.ClientConfig file typically associated with WCF references from Silverlight.

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