Washington State Farm Bureau

Client: Washington State Farm Bureau

Project: Workers Comp Claims and Safety Management System

Statement of Work/Project Goals:
The Washington Farm Bureau’s realized they needed a new system to manage their workers comp claims and safety management. Their previous system was designed specifically for their Retro-Safety Department and was over 15 years old. The system only allowed for limited and basic tracking of worker’s compensation claims and generated limited reports. Data was tracked using Excel, Word, and Outlook. The WSFB realized this system was obsolete and could no longer meet WSFB’s current and future needs.

CodeSmart’s Role:
We were contracted to create a new system to meet the needs of the Farm Bureau and manage the personnel and processes needed to complete the process.

We delivered a System Requirements Specification document that confirmed the needs of the system. We also completed a comprehensive Relational Data-Model, a working Extract-Transform-Load data conversion process, comprehensive screen specifications, user acceptance testing, and monthly deployments. In addition, CodeSmart also provided all of the Project Management, as well as, creating a prioritization of the user feedback throughout our ongoing development cycle.

Detailed Summary:
We approached the project from a design-first perspective. Our experience enabled us to work closely with the customer and product stakeholders while simultaneously contributing to the complex development tasks require. We assisted in the completion of the System Requirements Specification, solely developed the entire screen-specifications and use-case scenarios, and designed/developed the data-conversion processing. Additionally, working closely with the customers helped us develop a data-model that would enable the system to implement all of the features requested. Once the design phase of the project was 50% complete, we began to implement more of the data-conversion process and architect the entire Silverlight application using service oriented architecture and security best-practices. Our deep knowledge and experience with meeting requirements within budget and timeline enabled CodeSmart to successfully meet customer expectations.

Main Technical Skills Used:

  • C# 3.5
  • ADO.NET Data Services 1.5
  • SQL Server 2008
  • WCF, IIS 7.0
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Silverlight 3.0, LINQ
  • .NET Entity Framework (disconnected)

Our Capabilities Include:

Custom Software Development
Enterprise Architecture
Project Management
Systems Analysis
Performance Testing


These methods are vital to our work:

Agile Methodology
Test-Driven Development


About CodeSmart, Inc.

CodeSmart has been locally owned and operated in the Olympia, WA area since 2002. We direct, design, develop and deliver full end-to-end information systems using leading edge Microsoft .Net technologies and recommended best practices.