Silverlight 4 Training – March 10, 2011

The files for the last day! My next post will go into a bit more detailed description of each of these. This was the final day of introductory training for Washington State agency I.T. staff on Silverlight 4. Training today covered offline disconnected Data queries, Unit-Testing asynchronous methods, working with Effiproz, leveraging COM Interop and [...]

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Silverlight 4 Training, March 08 2011

The first day of Silverlight 4 training took a slight deviation from the original agenda. Based on a “show of hands”, I decided to delve into a 1-hour session on the basics of creating XAML and what Silverlight is meant to do. I also discussed where its getting competition from and how it should fit into [...]

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Silverlight 4 – 070-506 Exam… Passed!

Today I passed the first-ever Silverlight-specific Microsoft Certification to be released! The exam is # 070-506. It checks on your skills with :

Data-Binding, INotifyPropertyChanged, and ObservableCollection stuff.
VisualStateManager, Control-Style Templates, Resource Dictionaries, and XAML Layout
HtmlPage API, Application Init Params, Custom Load Screens, and Javascript interop
Printing, Text Globalization, Cross-Domain Service access, and WCF experience.

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Why Silverlight is right for the enterprise…

Silverlight offers huge benefits to shops that already leverage .NET languages to develop web and windows-based applications. It’s strongly-typed, it supports a wide array of dynamic and interactive controls, it enables outstanding visual effects, its data-binding capabilities are second-to-none, and it draws the user in to the web experience.

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Our Capabilities Include:

Custom Software Development
Enterprise Architecture
Project Management
Systems Analysis
Performance Testing


These methods are vital to our work:

Agile Methodology
Test-Driven Development


About CodeSmart, Inc.

CodeSmart has been locally owned and operated in the Olympia, WA area since 2002. We direct, design, develop and deliver full end-to-end information systems using leading edge Microsoft .Net technologies and recommended best practices.