Running Django in IIS7/IIS8

So I’ve been working hard on Python and Django training materials lately. There’s a client that was in desperate need of somebody to provide this type of training, and I was fortunate enough to have an experienced Python/Ruby programmer on staff that fit the bill. He and I worked together to come up with plenty [...]

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Semantic Data-Modeling Guidelines

Best practices for semantic data-modeling for performance and scalability. CodeSmart Inc’s “must read” white-paper from Microsoft.

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Utilizing JSON Endpoints in WCF Domain Services

These videos (3 in total) will explain how it is done. They will be using a relatively simple T4-template that I’ve implemented specifically for the .NET 4.0 version of Entity Framework. The T4-Template is written to support basic CRUD operations against a single collection of table-related classes. The T4-Template doesn’t do much in the way of supporting the necessary operations to track related entities in JSON that come back from the WCF Domain Service query.

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ASP.NET MVC 3 Security Re-Visited

While presenting at the IPMA, I demonstrated to the 150+ person audience how easy it is to hijack another user’s credentials within an ASP.NET MVC 3 application that hasn’t been vetted for coding-practices. In this article, I will show a video of me re-demonstrating that attack, exactly how to fix it, and post the source-code [...]

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IPMA Security Training 2011

Today, I delivered a basic 3-hour session on areas to focus on when hardening security in WA State Agencies. I mainly focused the first half of the presentation on common best-practice methods like clear lines of communication between Project Managers and Network, Security, and Database Administrators as well as practicing good coding practices such as peer-programming, code-reviews, and the like. I finished off the first 2 hours be demonstrating the use of Fiddler2 and how it could be used to probe, and then attack an ASP.NET MVC application.

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Silverlight 4 Training – March 10, 2011

The files for the last day! My next post will go into a bit more detailed description of each of these. This was the final day of introductory training for Washington State agency I.T. staff on Silverlight 4. Training today covered offline disconnected Data queries, Unit-Testing asynchronous methods, working with Effiproz, leveraging COM Interop and [...]

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Silverlight 4 Training, March 08 2011

The first day of Silverlight 4┬átraining took a slight deviation from the original agenda. Based on a “show of hands”, I decided to delve into a 1-hour session on the basics of creating XAML and what Silverlight is meant to do. I also discussed where its getting competition from and how it should fit into [...]

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Our Capabilities Include:

Custom Software Development
Enterprise Architecture
Project Management
Systems Analysis
Performance Testing


These methods are vital to our work:

Agile Methodology
Test-Driven Development


About CodeSmart, Inc.

CodeSmart has been locally owned and operated in the Olympia, WA area since 2002. We direct, design, develop and deliver full end-to-end information systems using leading edge Microsoft .Net technologies and recommended best practices.