Wireless Advocates

CarToys (Wireless Advocates)

Problem Statement

CarToys’ spin-off entity – Wireless Advocates has had an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) solution with data being gathered from various data sources to be consolidated and updated for reporting purposes. The EDW solution has posed challenges in optimization, SQL licensing, ownership, production issues and monitoring.

Project Scope

CodeSmart has been chosen to build a new Business Intelligence solution based on SQL 2016 that can help the customer clearly define ownership and access controls.

CodeSmart’s Solution

CodeSmart’s new BI solution for the customer will be built entirely on SQL 2016 server to eliminate the dependency on various data sources currently being used such as Pivot Link, Osprey and DREYK.

The customer has been facing the challenge of not having clearly defined ownerships for which, the new BI solution will provide dedicated data marts for all the departments so that the ownership and access controls are clearly mapped and monitored.

Also, the new BI solution will automate the data sourcing and monitoring processes to reduce dependency on manual activities.

Accomplished Outcomes

The new BI solution is designed and developed to achieve the following:

  • Integrated, single source of truth for all the data to help streamline the reporting and data analysis activities
  • All existing reports migrated to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) / Power BI for a consistent, optimized and manageable reporting process

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