Washington State Investment Board (WSIB)

Washington State Investment Board (WSIB)

Problem Statement

Washington State Investment Board (WSIB)’s legacy data warehouse was rendered incompetent to the agency’s needs in terms of high maintenance costs, on-prem hardware reaching its shelf-life, increased downtimes and unforeseen outages.

Project Scope

CodeSmart was required to rebuild the agency’s data warehouse into something that’s flexible, cloud-based and easy to maintain.

CodeSmart’s Solution

CodeSmart sensed an opportunity to build not just a cloud-based, flexible data warehouse; instead a solution that acts as a solid bedrock to build a robust Data and Analytics expertise for the customer.

The new solution helped WSIB leverage a far better and advanced approach in terms of reporting while it caters to the agency’s specific data requirements.

The solution helps WSIB stakeholders with:

  • Investment benchmarking
  • An ingenious, inhouse solution to replace the high-cost ANOVA license
  • Recommendations to WSIB customers on various offers that help make an optimal use of Azure utilization valleys

Accomplished Outcomes

The solution has helped WSIB achieve these outcomes that in turn led to addressing the problem statement:

  • Better, reliable reporting that aids stakeholders’ decision-making processes
  • Significant drop in the Cost of Ownership pertinent to the data warehouse maintenance & operations

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