Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Agility is everything when it comes to gaining a competitive edge. What do businesses need to stay agile? Moving their businesses to the Cloud is certainly the frontrunner for a solution. The Cloud offers agility, flexibility, security, scalability, cost-efficiency security and resiliency.

Migrating to the Cloud is easier said than done. Strategizing a suitable environment, migrating your business components, validating instances on the Cloud, driving the change at the organizational level, are a few among the many factors to consider while migrating to the Cloud.

CodeSmart is one of the most seasoned technology players who’s always stayed ahead of the curve when it comes to Cloud Services. Our modernization approaches have helped several enterprises move their heavy-duty, on-prem applications, and data structures to the Cloud seamlessly.

The Cloud is all about automating and optimizing, and no one knows it better and does it better than CodeSmart. We help set up your Cloud environment, migrate your legacy applications, or build replacement apps on the Cloud, automate your build & deployment processes, and modernize & manage your DevOps. In short, we help you stay focused on reaping maximum ROI from Cloud investments while we take care of all of your Cloud needs – ranging from application migration to Cloud infrastructure management.

Our customers include giants from diverse business lines, from education to technology to government agencies. Our cloud expertise has helped them enable cloud technologies to solve their business challenges.

Take time…review our ‘case studies’ to learn how we have helped businesses turn agile and remain so to gain an advantage in their market or just to streamline their businesses in order to “do more with less”.

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