Client Stories

One of the best ways to understand what value we bring to the table for our clients is to read about work we’ve done for them. We hope you’ll dig in to our case studies to get a good idea of how we can help you too.

Washington State Department of Licensing

It was a classic ASP to ASP.NET migration that the customer needed with end-to-end activities of a migration lifecycle: analysis of existing system a develop a modernization plan a migrate applications from the current platform to the new platform a rewrite /redesign/reimplement features a documentation in detail a Perform QA. CodeSmart took a structured approach to accomplish the Venture ASP Migration objective for the customer.

Employment Security Department

The project scope was to design and develop the Next Generation Tax System (NGTS) to process, sort and manage employer taxes, wage details and unemployment benefits details. CodeSmart designed the Next Generation Tax System (NGTS) with an intent to enable internal management and processing of unemployment tax information.