Data Intelligence

In today’s data-driven business environment, effective use of data is key to business success. We believe in transforming complex business problems into simple plant of knowledge by using a garden variety of tools including Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Enterprise Application Services

This may require us to boldly go where no man has gone before. We might even find new worlds, all within your business needs of course.

Cloud Services

Gone are the days of private data centers running off-the-shelf software and giant monolithic code bases that you update once a year. Everything has changed. E have transformed large and small organizations from colossal monuments (data centers) to nimble cloud-based solutions. All without losing a drop of data.

Washington State Investment Board (WSIB)

Washington State Investment Board (WSIB)’s legacy data warehouse was rendered incompetent to the agency’s needs in terms of high maintenance costs, on-prem hardware reaching its shelf-life, increased downtimes and unforeseen outages.

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CarToys (Wireless Advocates)

CarToys’ spin-off entity – Wireless Advocates has had an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) solution with data being gathered from various data sources to be consolidated and updated for reporting purposes. The EDW solution has posed challenges in optimization, SQL licensing, ownership, production issues and monitoring.

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Washington State Department of Licensing

It was a classic ASP to ASP.NET migration that the customer needed with end-to-end activities of a migration lifecycle: analysis of existing system a develop a modernization plan a migrate applications from the current platform to the new platform a rewrite /redesign/reimplement features a documentation in detail a Perform QA. CodeSmart took a structured approach to accomplish the Venture ASP Migration objective for the customer.

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