Data Intelligence

Data is an organization’s most valuable asset. Smart businesses rely on their data to make the best business decisions. CodeSmart’s extensive Data Intelligence expertise helps solve your complex business challenges by leveraging your data streams. We realize and harness the power of Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to supplement your data so that your data is timely, insightful, and resourceful.

CodeSmart’s Data Intelligence capabilities help integrate disparate data sources so that they synergize into an Intelligent Data Lake that aids your business decisions.

Our comprehensive Cloud capabilities migrate and transform your business processes and position them to leverage the combined power of Data, Analytics, AI, and ML. This powerful combination helps in:

  • managing and monitoring your data estate efficiently
  • discovering, analyzing, and governing your data
  • reducing your CapEx spending on data storage and usage
  • strengthening your data security posture
  • innovating new solutions that augment your business strategies

CodeSmart identifies three areas that help fully leverage the power of Data Intelligence to transform your business processes

Data Platform Modernization

Modernizing your data platforms is key to unleash your data’s full potential from the Intelligence standpoint. CodeSmart’s data experts enjoy a proven experience in deploying an ambitious data platform modernization and migration initiatives that have helped customers leveraged their data to enable business and process improvements.

Our comprehensive assessments of your data streams, infrastructure, and architecture help strategize and foolproof modernization roadmaps that align with your business objectives. 

Data Governance

Businesses need full control over their data assets to leverage them optimally. CodeSmart helps enterprises define and implement data governance policies & practices to manage their data effectively. 

Our Data Governance capabilities also help businesses achieve security, compliance, accessibility, and integration objectives.


Building correct and meaningful Analytics tools is important to empower your data for meaningful use. Our advanced Analytics capabilities help your business with appropriate data modeling tools that ultimately position your data to drive business decisions. 

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