Washington State Department of Licensing

Problem Statement

It was a classic ASP to ASP.NET migration that the customer needed with end-to-end activities of a migration lifecycle: analysis of existing system a develop a modernization plan a migrate applications from the current platform to the new platform a rewrite /redesign/reimplement features a documentation in detail a Perform QA.

CodeSmart’s Solution

CodeSmart took a structured approach to accomplish the Venture ASP Migration objective for the customer.

  • Analyzed the legacy ASP website and developed a modernization roadmap to ASP.NET
  • Moved the internal Business Professional Licensing system (VENTURE) off of classic ASP & COM Services to ASP .NET
  • Rewrote the security & authentication using ASP .NET while maintaining certain aspects of the original systems behavior
  • Redesigned the site’s User Interface and many of the classic ASP screens were re-written to use ASP.NET
  • Re-implemented the client-side JavaScript functionality utilizing JQuery and Knockout JS
  • Documented business rules in detail, including the pseudo code and SQL statements, for all 89 professions processed by TransEdits
  • Documented data mapping in detail for new screens to existing Venture database tables
  • Documented data model in detail needed for new tables to support new SOLAR functionality ASP.NET MVC application screens for 39 professions capable of online renewals (read-only)
  • Performed data validations for applications screens with transactional flows in place
  • Led discussions to modify application design to be more useful to BPD customers and reduce application complexity
  • Deployed the application in QA testing environment to ensure functioning

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