Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is now GA: Ubikite launches DaaS Manager to monitor and manage WVD

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Microsoft (MSFT) announced the GA (General Availability) of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD), an important milestone in its shift for Windows onto Azure. Coinciding with this, I am really excited to announce the release of Ubikite DaaS Manager that compliments Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) – the first comprehensive solution in the market to help IT teams navigate Windows shift to Azure.

 Our development team partnered with the WVD product engineering team to build the ARM templates, the scale scripts and the monitoring and management tools that are available on Microsoft Marketplace now. We went further – it has been an exciting journey to build a SaaS based platform from inception to the enterprise ready solution we see today. We have been working on our Ubikite DaaS Manager for more than three years, closely collaborating with our friends at Microsoft and our partners. I am grateful for the opportunity to work along with such extraordinary people. Also, I am very proud of my team & what we have built.

During our collaboration with MSFT and our current VDI partners, we recognized a strong need for a unified SaaS solution that incorporates managing, monitoring, scaling and Azure services integration such as Backup, AAD, M365, etc.

Ubikite DaaS Manager is currently the only WVD solution that packages – deployment, managing, monitoring and automation in a single offering. 

My vision for Ubikite DaaS Manager is to help partners accelerate WVD adoption through smart deployments and unified management control pane as well as bringing down the total cost of ownership (TCO) through intelligent scale. In a nutshell, we want to bring the TCO of managing a cloud desktop to be competitive to that of managing an on-prem desktop.

As Microsoft is currently disrupting the VDI field through WVD, I am most interested in hearing your thoughts on this shifting paradigm and how the modern workplace might look like in a few years to come. Exciting day ahead of us!

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Prasad Paluri is a seasoned technologist, serving as Vice President at Ubikite. In his capacity as VP, Prasad sets the strategic direction for Ubikite’s evolution from the product development standpoint. Also, Prasad serves as Director of Cloud Services at People Tech Group and is based out of Bellevue, Washington. He can be reached at or you can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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