Cloud Migration Engagement for a Healthcare Customer

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To Enable More Focus on Business Needs

Engagement Objective Quantified Outcomes
To migrate an On-Premise application to Cloud to enhance overall application performance and bring about efficiency 100 components migrated; 600 test cases migrated & end-to-end DevOps protocol implemented

Business Need:

The customer felt the need to migrate their On-Premise Healthcare application to Cloud to resolve datacenter management issues, bring in scalability, enhance application performance and efficiency. Fyrsoft (sister company of CodeSmart) deployed a failsafe migration strategy and ensured a smooth migration of the application to Cloud – thanks to its robust & inventive team of Cloud Migration experts.

Customer’s Challenges:

A C/C++-based application running on On-Prem Solaris servers evolved into a multilingual (JAVA, PERL and .NET were included over time) application hosted across numerous datacenters – resulting in datacenter management challenges that ultimately led to a reduced focus on business

Application had been increasingly burdened by the customer’s rising business needs to a point of inefficiency.


Cloud Migration Engagement by Fyrsoft
  • To perform a thorough analysis of application’s architecture in its “as-is” state
  • To provide a comprehensive Cloud Migration strategy for the application
  • To implement the Cloud Migration strategy efficiently by identifying & resolving issues that arise during migration
  • To offer competent Cloud hosting services to the customer

Fyrsoft’s Solution Approach:

  1. Modernize the Application Platform

All components that constitute the application – code components, libraries etc. were modernized so that Application Security was given vital importance Vulnerability & Penetration Testing were enabled.

  • Migrate Application Assets to Cloud (MS Azure/AWS)

All the application assets were migrated to the chosen cloud environment (MS Azure/AWS) to Enhance overall application performance Manage code inventory more efficiently.

  • Automate Operational Processes

Operational processes namely build, configuration, testing and deployment pertinent to the application were automated by implementing a CI/CD pipeline to ensure that majority of the test cases were automated so that time, cost and resource efficiency could be achieved.

Cloud Migration Engagement for a Healthcare Customer

Customer’s Key Takeaways from the Migration Initiative

  1. Fyrsoft performed a comprehensive analysis of the customer application’s legacy architecture to identify the gaps, issues and challenges; and devised a sound Migration Strategy for the application from On-Premises to Cloud.
  2. Fyrsoft determined that moving to .NET technologies will be a futuristic move, considering the customer’s expanding business needs; and thus, proposed to build a Linux environment to better enable the migration.
  3. Custom tools were developed to facilitate code and data migration to the Linux environment. Also, the tools had issue detection & reporting features built in; so that issues during migration were identified and fixed.
  4. Rigorous testing mechanisms were employed across various environments after migration to ensure that the application had a smooth transition from On-Prem to Cloud.

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